Alex Tropsha Named Chair of Medicinal Chemistry

CCGS/School of Pharmacy researcher Alex Tropsha was recently awarded a three-year exploratory grant under an NIH Roadmap effort to generate novel preclinical tools for predictive ADME-toxicology. The general aim of this field of research is to understand how the activity of pharmaceutical compounds change within the context of an organism. Specifically, Dr. Tropsha's proposal (view abstract) focuses on the design of optimized protocols for the development of reliable predictors of critically important ADME-Tox properties with the ultimate goal of sharing both modeling software and specialized predictors with the research community via a web-based portal. Among the five co-investigators involved in this project are two additional CCGS faculty, Ivan Rusyn and Yufeng Liu. This is the second Roadmap grant that Dr. Tropsha has received. The first, awarded in 2005, was a planning grant to establish the Carolina Exploratory Center for Cheminformatics Research.

July 1, 2006