Rusyn and Tropsha participate in EPA workshop on “Advancing the Next generation (NexGen) of Risk Assessment”

The NexGen program, a collaborative effort between EPA, NTP, ATSDR, NCGC and CalEPA, is developing new approaches and methods to better utilize novel molecular toxicology data to understand risks posed by environmental exposures. Center investigators Ivan Rusyn (Environmental Sciences and Engineering) and Alex Tropsha (School of Pharmacy) participated in a 3?day expert workshop on November 1-3, 2010, in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina to discuss a draft framework, early draft prototypes, research, and other NexGen project elements. The challenges and opportunities of converting data generated through Tox21 into knowledge and ultimately into the scientific basis for NexGen risk assessments were considered at this prototypes workshop. The project aims to better incorporate recent advances in molecular and systems biology into risk assessment, thereby potentially making risk assessments faster, less expensive and/or more scientifically robust. This transition is expected to evolve over the next 10?20 years as new knowledge and approaches become available.

November 4, 2010